Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pixie Hollow

I woke up today remembering Pixie Hollow - a game made by Disney based on the movie Tinkerbell. I loved that game so much and my friend and I used to play it every night. I loved when it had just started up and you gathered seeds and petals as currency, you created a fairy exactly how you wanted it, and when you had created your fairy, you could see a dandelion puff fly to Pixie Hollow where it would sit on the floor,bend away from the camera slightly and become your fairy. You hovered your mouse over a special talent and it glowed. I became a water fairy and I played mini-games to get prizes in order to live as a citizen among the other fairies. You could buy dresses and hats and I even got a baby ladybug. It was even around that time when they added Sparrowmen, the male equivalent of a fairy, so that even boys could play too.

And then they had the diamond update. It wasn't so bad but only members could use seeds and petals to buy things. It left many people feeling like outsiders who had to pay with diamonds. Heck, you only got one diamond every month or so and maybe once you had twenty diamonds you could buy that necklace with that piece of wood glued to it.  It became kind of oppressive for a game made for kids about fairies. But, I still loved it with all of my heart because it let me hang out with my friend and it had just always been there for me. I guess many people started to quit playing and Disney only received $6,000 on their memberships every month so they shut down Pixie Hollow. I logged on to my account and saw a message saying "Pixie Hollow will shut down on September 19th". Time seemed to slow down and it felt as though my heart stopped. I frantically looked for a way to stop this complete and utter madness. That's when I found a petition that would save it. I signed and I waited for three days. When I checked it for the last time I saw that we had reached our goal! I thought we were saved. Only, there was an error on their part. They sent it to Disney on September 20th.

By the time the petition got there Pixie Hollow had been deleted. All of the coding, all of the accounts, all of the life that had once been Pixie Hollow was destroyed. There was no way of saving it now. I'm sure the petition was crumbled into a ball and thrown into the trash along with our hopes and dreams and second chances. Maybe it was for the better. Who cares about children anyway.

I want to personally want to thank you Disney for adding salt to the wound and driving the knife deeper by adding some knock off animation-less  Candy-Crush mimics dressed in the clothing of the same Pixie Hollow you shut down because you don't make enough MONEY. Also that "Create a Fairy and Fly!" thing is the motto you used for Pixie Hollow and being able to make a fairy and yor fairies home (All features Pixie Hollow already had) is just crap. There's even a FAKE friendship system, where it implies it has it and there's actually no way to add friends and much less interact with them.

Maybe I'm reacting too harshly, but you have to understand that this game was with me since I started to use the internet.

I miss you Pixie Hollow,

Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Christmas Fish

So recently my family and I have been decorating for Christmas and having gone through the box we found... a fish. Not a real fish. A fake goldfish, lying in the bottom of the Christmas decoration box. If you still can't picture it, I'll show you a photo of him: 

For some reason he was just there. Maybe he just wanted us to put him in the tree. I'm sorry Goldfish, but I think when they say silver and gold, they don't mean you. Think about it, have you ever heard "All that glitters is goldfish"? I haven't. Still, while you're not going in the tree as an ornament, you made me laugh.

It makes me think about the small things in life that make you smile, for example, the Christmas Fish. If something as small as a fake goldfish can brighten my day, anyone can find joy in the small things.

Merry Fishmas,

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thank You

"I am not important. My life is boring."

"You are a leaf. You may be only one, but you are an important piece of the tree. One leaf, added to another leaf and so on and so forth, creates the whole covering on the tree."

"I am still small. The tree doesn't need all of its leaves."

"Maybe not... Instead of seeing it from your perspective, picture you are the tree. You must watch over and protect your little leaves. You must also protect yourself. Protect yourself from wind, and lightning, and humans. But it is still worth it. As a leaf you are nurtured by the tree, even though it is taken for granted, because you cannot see the intricate details behind it."

"I guess you're right, but, tell me, how do you know all this?"

"Because I am the tree, and I love you."

This is a short story I wrote this morning. It is about how much every single person makes up the world. Every little detail we cannot see. This poem is dedicated to all of the people who read this blog and to all of the people who feel unimportant. It is also dedicated to Rumi, my friend.

Hello Everyone.
I have received so many amazing comments from some truly amazing readers. Some of you are my teachers, some of you are my friends, and some of you are people that I should be friends with.
I have been told over the past few months that I should reply to your comments and say "Thank You". That is a very small, yet important thing. But I am always doing things in my own small way. So today, I am saying "Thank You" on a larger scale. I want to thank all of you at once, all in one blog post.


Saturday, November 14, 2015


Yesterday was sort of blissful. School was fun, we watched a movie, and I went home.

And then I was told one of my best friends that I had known since kindergarten,
has a brain tumor. Apparently, she is going for surgery this Monday.

 I don't know if I believe in God or the Divine or anything at all, but if it is possible that someone can hear me up there, Please Help Rumi. She is my friend and I don't want to lose her. If anyone is reading this, maybe praying works. You don't have to. I won't force you to. But if praying works, then just sent some prayers to her. I will be praying too.

Thank you for everything,

Monday, November 2, 2015


Am I alone? Does anyone read my blog at all? The most page views I have ever had was 18! Two of those were other people, the rest was me.

Am I alone? Are there really other people? Is everyone I know a hologram? A robot? Figments of my imagination?

Am I alone? Am I the different one? Am I real? Am I not human? Am I something else entirely and I just don't know it?

Is this real? Am I in a simulation? Am I a video game character? Am I giving out information to spies with what I think is a language? Will all of this vanish when I die? Will I just wake up? Do I know I haven't been given false memories and I was always this age? If I have false memories, my parents might not be my parents! Everyone around me could be lying! I could have died and doctors gave me some "second chance" on a computer! I might be dying right now and I was given a look back through my life before then! It would explain why my fingers are cold all the time, why I have deja vu all the time.

Huh, existentialism. Such a funny and nonsensical and trivial thing.

But I still ask you, How Can I Tell?

Are You Out There?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ode to Allie

Dear Allie,

This is for you, kitty. I still remember when my grandma was in a doctor's office on Easter and my mom and I bought a little pink easter basket. We drove up to a house after seeing a billboard advertising "Free Kittens". You were the little calico kitten we picked up and put in our car.

We set newspapers down for you to use the restroom but you only wanted to play with them and snuggle with me.
It was Easter day when we went to visit my grandmother in the doctor's office. We handed you the pink basket and you came out of it with little pieces of Easter basket stuffing on your head.

Every time I visited my grandparents you were there. You loved attention and my grandparents loved you as much as they could. I loved to brush you in the sunroom and I could tell you loved it too.

I still remember when you sucked on the little ribbon on my grandma's pajamas. I remember when I had to spray you with a hose to keep you from killing an innocent bird.

And then I left that last time. You started to breathe weirdly one day. And then you were lying in the driveway barely breathing. My grandparents drove you in the car to the vet. Then you bit my grandpa. Were you in pain or did you not want to get better? I guess i'll never know.

Then you left.

You were one of the most amazing cats I ever saw. You always made me happy. I hope you are happy right now.

I miss you Allie. I love you, little kitty.

Goodbye, Alexandra.

Monday, September 14, 2015

A House of Leaves

Some days in the Autumn,
When the leaves swirl off the pavement,
A little house stands still, alone.

It's not something that can be seen,
Only something to be felt.

It is a well-built structure,
And there's dust upon the floor,
And if you come a knocking,
They'll open up the door.

A house made out of Secrets,
Secrets only leaves can tell,
They tell you an awful lot.
You would hear it as a leaf,
You miss out because you're not.

The dew is sprinkled mystically,
The warm air has turned cold,
And then you hear the whispering,
Only then you'll truly know.

The little house is standing there,
Where it has grown for years,
The little house that gives and takes away
All of your fears.

You know it's standing out there,
When you are tucked in for the night,

You know at day,
It's standing there,
When somethings not quite right.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


A life. We hear about a death on the news and think "How sad". A loved one passes away and we are destroyed. How is any one life different from another?

A life is like a cherry blossom tree. They bloom and they die. When they do, someone will ask "What color was its bark?" and no one will know for certain. The cherry blossom tree is gone. But we know it was here.

The cherry blossoms bloom for only a few days. Their lives, like ours, are short. But the only thing that's important, is how beautifully you bloom.  You will change many lives and you will leave many marks.


Dragon Poem

As I was walking down the street,
 I saw a dragon curled about my feet. 
It was tiny with eyes of emerald green.
 And for a scaly dragon, 
he doesn't look real mean.

 I could never take him home, 
my parents would be mad, 
that is until, I heard it's belly rumbling
 ( Which of course, was rather sad)
And so I took it home.
 No one wants to be alone. 
Then I knew we had to keep him, 
because I saw what he had eaten.

 He is a very cute fellow, we love him 'cause he roasts marshmallows.

Endings And Beginnings

All things end. It may be sad when they do, but would you really wish you never knew it, or that it was there once. I have had a few people and things that I loved and they left. They are not coming back from where they went, but I wouldn't change the fact that I met them, that I loved them. I often wonder why they chose to leave or if it was even their choice. If they chose to leave us behind for something else, what could possibly have been so appealing.

When they go it is hard to understand why, hard to let them go. But hear this now. Maybe,just maybe, we are a better person for it. Think of the things you have accomplished without them. The things you didn't have the courage to do, the things you did because you said "For _____!". Even the small things you did for that person you saw on the sidewalk because you remembered a loved one, made that person's whole world change.

One day, even you will leave. But when you go, just remember, if you where kind, if you smiled at least once, made someone laugh, cheered someone up, there will be people who miss you and who became better people because of you. 

And you know what? Maybe the ones who you thought left you behind, maybe they always knew you'd see them again. And in that case, I suggest you tell them everything you did, because the two of you have a lot of catching up to do.

Thank you for reading, because if just one person liked what I have to say, that is what makes me smile.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Ok, so I was just watching videos on Youtube when I saw the title "Cyborgs are the new future!"
Um, what? Ok, that's just a prank, right? Right? 
People are insane!This scientist says "I think in the next 200 years or so homo sapiens will upgrade themselves ... into divine beings," ARE YOU OFF YOUR ROCKER? This is the start to every movie where something goes wrong, people are cyborgs, and the world is DESTROYED! But there's more. "Either through biological manipulation or genetic engineering of by the creation of cyborgs, the perfect creation of organic and non-organic" That's it. 
We're all going to die.

And if that's not weird enough for you, get this: Human HEAD TRANSPLANTS. I mean, I get that people in wheel chairs can walk again and people with paralysis can finally feel what it's like to move, but what happens to the person they take the body from? It would have to be a healthy, living, working body, right? Is it for people who have a death wish?

Scientists and robot-engineers have also created androids, hoping they will live a long, peaceful life among the people. Why? Androids don't have feelings. People already have trouble dating other people. What happens when every one is married to some robot and no one can have children? What then, because in my opinion, that would mean: No more human race. Answer what you think about this issue in the comments. In fact, answer if you think this is even an issue and your planning to accept your robot overlords.

Your anti-android friend,

Friday, June 5, 2015


Hello Everyone,

This is the first rant on my blog. This is a rant about The Painters. Now i'm a artist myself, I love to draw, in fact, I suppose i love painters. But these painters however, are so FREAKING ANNOYING! It all began at sometime around 12:15, because well, its Summer. (What can I say, I like my sleep) But anyway, at around 12:15, I am woken up by what sounds like someone hurling a TRASHCAN at the side of my house! Then, I open my eyes, and I see a man put a ladder against my window and look in at me.
 So here I am, with this guy staring in at me, and I just glare back at him like "Really?". I then watched as he obstructs my view of the outdoors with a big, white sheet of plastic. It turns out, all of the windows to the house have been covered.
Let the games begin.

Day 2
Stupid me. I thought that maybe I could sleep in. Why on Earth did I think I could possibly sleep in?!
The morning after "The trashcan incident", I hear what sounds like a combination of pencil sharpener, paper shredder, and sand paper. The big white sheets are still up on the windows. Now, at this point, I am beginning to question if they are painting the house, or if this is an FBI lockdown. Now the sounds are more annoying than ever, as they now sound like a printer is dying an agonising death on my roof. Just great. And to make matters  worse, we are just renting this place and the new people who are going to live here might not even like the color of the house and PAINT IT AGAIN. It might all be for nothing!

So, in conclusion, if you ever see me walking around town, try using sign language, because, by the time you could be reading this, I might have ripped my eardrums out and stomped on them.

I might not make it out alive,              

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Dancing Fox

The Dancing Fox

Silver in the moonlight,
it danced upon the ground.
It's dancing little fox feet
could never make a sound.

The only time She comes here
is when the moon is full and bright.
You'll only ever see Her
in the middle of the night.

Her fur is of pure silver,
Her eyes a crystal blue.
And when the time was one o' clock,
into the moon She flew.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Welcome to My Blog

Hello, and welcome to my new blog, Environmentally Challenged.

This blog is about the environment, inspiring articles,  random rants, and cool stuff.

I am not the best at  intros or the whole "This is everything about my blog. Let's begin with....." and so on and so on. So this is my intro.
I'm glad you are here viewing this!


p.s. Feel free to ask questions about anything you see on the blog