Monday, September 14, 2015

A House of Leaves

Some days in the Autumn,
When the leaves swirl off the pavement,
A little house stands still, alone.

It's not something that can be seen,
Only something to be felt.

It is a well-built structure,
And there's dust upon the floor,
And if you come a knocking,
They'll open up the door.

A house made out of Secrets,
Secrets only leaves can tell,
They tell you an awful lot.
You would hear it as a leaf,
You miss out because you're not.

The dew is sprinkled mystically,
The warm air has turned cold,
And then you hear the whispering,
Only then you'll truly know.

The little house is standing there,
Where it has grown for years,
The little house that gives and takes away
All of your fears.

You know it's standing out there,
When you are tucked in for the night,

You know at day,
It's standing there,
When somethings not quite right.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


A life. We hear about a death on the news and think "How sad". A loved one passes away and we are destroyed. How is any one life different from another?

A life is like a cherry blossom tree. They bloom and they die. When they do, someone will ask "What color was its bark?" and no one will know for certain. The cherry blossom tree is gone. But we know it was here.

The cherry blossoms bloom for only a few days. Their lives, like ours, are short. But the only thing that's important, is how beautifully you bloom.  You will change many lives and you will leave many marks.


Dragon Poem

As I was walking down the street,
 I saw a dragon curled about my feet. 
It was tiny with eyes of emerald green.
 And for a scaly dragon, 
he doesn't look real mean.

 I could never take him home, 
my parents would be mad, 
that is until, I heard it's belly rumbling
 ( Which of course, was rather sad)
And so I took it home.
 No one wants to be alone. 
Then I knew we had to keep him, 
because I saw what he had eaten.

 He is a very cute fellow, we love him 'cause he roasts marshmallows.

Endings And Beginnings

All things end. It may be sad when they do, but would you really wish you never knew it, or that it was there once. I have had a few people and things that I loved and they left. They are not coming back from where they went, but I wouldn't change the fact that I met them, that I loved them. I often wonder why they chose to leave or if it was even their choice. If they chose to leave us behind for something else, what could possibly have been so appealing.

When they go it is hard to understand why, hard to let them go. But hear this now. Maybe,just maybe, we are a better person for it. Think of the things you have accomplished without them. The things you didn't have the courage to do, the things you did because you said "For _____!". Even the small things you did for that person you saw on the sidewalk because you remembered a loved one, made that person's whole world change.

One day, even you will leave. But when you go, just remember, if you where kind, if you smiled at least once, made someone laugh, cheered someone up, there will be people who miss you and who became better people because of you. 

And you know what? Maybe the ones who you thought left you behind, maybe they always knew you'd see them again. And in that case, I suggest you tell them everything you did, because the two of you have a lot of catching up to do.

Thank you for reading, because if just one person liked what I have to say, that is what makes me smile.