Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Ok, so I was just watching videos on Youtube when I saw the title "Cyborgs are the new future!"
Um, what? Ok, that's just a prank, right? Right? 
People are insane!This scientist says "I think in the next 200 years or so homo sapiens will upgrade themselves ... into divine beings," ARE YOU OFF YOUR ROCKER? This is the start to every movie where something goes wrong, people are cyborgs, and the world is DESTROYED! But there's more. "Either through biological manipulation or genetic engineering of by the creation of cyborgs, the perfect creation of organic and non-organic" That's it. 
We're all going to die.

And if that's not weird enough for you, get this: Human HEAD TRANSPLANTS. I mean, I get that people in wheel chairs can walk again and people with paralysis can finally feel what it's like to move, but what happens to the person they take the body from? It would have to be a healthy, living, working body, right? Is it for people who have a death wish?

Scientists and robot-engineers have also created androids, hoping they will live a long, peaceful life among the people. Why? Androids don't have feelings. People already have trouble dating other people. What happens when every one is married to some robot and no one can have children? What then, because in my opinion, that would mean: No more human race. Answer what you think about this issue in the comments. In fact, answer if you think this is even an issue and your planning to accept your robot overlords.

Your anti-android friend,

Friday, June 5, 2015


Hello Everyone,

This is the first rant on my blog. This is a rant about The Painters. Now i'm a artist myself, I love to draw, in fact, I suppose i love painters. But these painters however, are so FREAKING ANNOYING! It all began at sometime around 12:15, because well, its Summer. (What can I say, I like my sleep) But anyway, at around 12:15, I am woken up by what sounds like someone hurling a TRASHCAN at the side of my house! Then, I open my eyes, and I see a man put a ladder against my window and look in at me.
 So here I am, with this guy staring in at me, and I just glare back at him like "Really?". I then watched as he obstructs my view of the outdoors with a big, white sheet of plastic. It turns out, all of the windows to the house have been covered.
Let the games begin.

Day 2
Stupid me. I thought that maybe I could sleep in. Why on Earth did I think I could possibly sleep in?!
The morning after "The trashcan incident", I hear what sounds like a combination of pencil sharpener, paper shredder, and sand paper. The big white sheets are still up on the windows. Now, at this point, I am beginning to question if they are painting the house, or if this is an FBI lockdown. Now the sounds are more annoying than ever, as they now sound like a printer is dying an agonising death on my roof. Just great. And to make matters  worse, we are just renting this place and the new people who are going to live here might not even like the color of the house and PAINT IT AGAIN. It might all be for nothing!

So, in conclusion, if you ever see me walking around town, try using sign language, because, by the time you could be reading this, I might have ripped my eardrums out and stomped on them.

I might not make it out alive,