Sunday, January 17, 2016


For some reason life has become stressful. Even the thought of sleeping is stressful. Can I wake up on time for school? Can I go to bed at the right time and not stay up for three hours staring at the ceiling? Will today be the day I wake up on time and not feel like crap? When do I get my alarm clock working? At what time do I have to wake up to feel like there are enough hours in the day?  When will people stop telling me to go to bed earlier as if it's an easy task? WHEN WILL I STOP BEING STRESSED ABOUT SLEEPING?

I want to do something fun other than just spending my life on the computer. I try to think of fun things but nothing interests me. I want to travel the world, save lives, find lost treasure, fight dragons, keep dragons as pets. I read too many books, watch too many movies. I'm not a hero, I'm a girl in middle school who likes to play video games.

I feel like wearing whatever is in the back of my closet no longer suits me. I want to change my look. I look scary in makeup, I am too lazy to try "10 second hairstyles for lazy girls" because you need the new "Tresemme super-hair-holder" or something, and I hate shopping.Grrr.

I feel as though I am empty sad confused irritated stressed a teenager I don't know.