Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I'm Not Dead, Just Busy.

It has been a really long time since I posted something, but that is because I started a YouTube channel. Two of them actually!
Here is the link to one of my videos:

From now on, most of the things I would write about on this blog will be made into vlogs on my personal channel (My personal channel is called Sprinklekitty.)

 I also made a channel with my dad, known as Kitty8Frog. Feel free to check it out:

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, February 4, 2016

To Kill A Mockingbird

So I have been reading To Kill a Mockingbird recently and today's chapter was about the main character's aunt coming to live with them. Little did I know that we would be having a guest stay at our house. While our guest will probably not ridicule me, she reminds me somewhat of the aunt. Life works in some very strange ways. I really don't have much to say about this topic, it was kind of short but I hope you like it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I found it hard to believe that snowflakes are all unique. I ponder the thought that maybe each one has a different personality or trait. They could be like the Emoto Water Crystal study. What if every snowflake has a special word to go along with it. What if its pattern depended on how many times someone consumed it as water. I mean, think about it, you are drinking the same water as the dinosaurs. Anyway, I wrote a poem (sort of) about winter.

The wind is blowing,
the snow is dancing,
the trees are singing,
the animals are sleeping.

The world is cold and Winter's here,
the cocoa mugs are held close,
the window panes are all fogged up,
the snow is flying through the air.

The fire is lit,
the doors are closed,
the people huddled,
unique like snowflakes,
all of them.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


For some reason life has become stressful. Even the thought of sleeping is stressful. Can I wake up on time for school? Can I go to bed at the right time and not stay up for three hours staring at the ceiling? Will today be the day I wake up on time and not feel like crap? When do I get my alarm clock working? At what time do I have to wake up to feel like there are enough hours in the day?  When will people stop telling me to go to bed earlier as if it's an easy task? WHEN WILL I STOP BEING STRESSED ABOUT SLEEPING?

I want to do something fun other than just spending my life on the computer. I try to think of fun things but nothing interests me. I want to travel the world, save lives, find lost treasure, fight dragons, keep dragons as pets. I read too many books, watch too many movies. I'm not a hero, I'm a girl in middle school who likes to play video games.

I feel like wearing whatever is in the back of my closet no longer suits me. I want to change my look. I look scary in makeup, I am too lazy to try "10 second hairstyles for lazy girls" because you need the new "Tresemme super-hair-holder" or something, and I hate shopping.Grrr.

I feel as though I am empty sad confused irritated stressed a teenager I don't know.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pixie Hollow

I woke up today remembering Pixie Hollow - a game made by Disney based on the movie Tinkerbell. I loved that game so much and my friend and I used to play it every night. I loved when it had just started up and you gathered seeds and petals as currency, you created a fairy exactly how you wanted it, and when you had created your fairy, you could see a dandelion puff fly to Pixie Hollow where it would sit on the floor,bend away from the camera slightly and become your fairy. You hovered your mouse over a special talent and it glowed. I became a water fairy and I played mini-games to get prizes in order to live as a citizen among the other fairies. You could buy dresses and hats and I even got a baby ladybug. It was even around that time when they added Sparrowmen, the male equivalent of a fairy, so that even boys could play too.

And then they had the diamond update. It wasn't so bad but only members could use seeds and petals to buy things. It left many people feeling like outsiders who had to pay with diamonds. Heck, you only got one diamond every month or so and maybe once you had twenty diamonds you could buy that necklace with that piece of wood glued to it.  It became kind of oppressive for a game made for kids about fairies. But, I still loved it with all of my heart because it let me hang out with my friend and it had just always been there for me. I guess many people started to quit playing and Disney only received $6,000 on their memberships every month so they shut down Pixie Hollow. I logged on to my account and saw a message saying "Pixie Hollow will shut down on September 19th". Time seemed to slow down and it felt as though my heart stopped. I frantically looked for a way to stop this complete and utter madness. That's when I found a petition that would save it. I signed and I waited for three days. When I checked it for the last time I saw that we had reached our goal! I thought we were saved. Only, there was an error on their part. They sent it to Disney on September 20th.

By the time the petition got there Pixie Hollow had been deleted. All of the coding, all of the accounts, all of the life that had once been Pixie Hollow was destroyed. There was no way of saving it now. I'm sure the petition was crumbled into a ball and thrown into the trash along with our hopes and dreams and second chances. Maybe it was for the better. Who cares about children anyway.

I want to personally want to thank you Disney for adding salt to the wound and driving the knife deeper by adding some knock off animation-less  Candy-Crush mimics dressed in the clothing of the same Pixie Hollow you shut down because you don't make enough MONEY. Also that "Create a Fairy and Fly!" thing is the motto you used for Pixie Hollow and being able to make a fairy and yor fairies home (All features Pixie Hollow already had) is just crap. There's even a FAKE friendship system, where it implies it has it and there's actually no way to add friends and much less interact with them.

Maybe I'm reacting too harshly, but you have to understand that this game was with me since I started to use the internet.

I miss you Pixie Hollow,

Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Christmas Fish

So recently my family and I have been decorating for Christmas and having gone through the box we found... a fish. Not a real fish. A fake goldfish, lying in the bottom of the Christmas decoration box. If you still can't picture it, I'll show you a photo of him: 

For some reason he was just there. Maybe he just wanted us to put him in the tree. I'm sorry Goldfish, but I think when they say silver and gold, they don't mean you. Think about it, have you ever heard "All that glitters is goldfish"? I haven't. Still, while you're not going in the tree as an ornament, you made me laugh.

It makes me think about the small things in life that make you smile, for example, the Christmas Fish. If something as small as a fake goldfish can brighten my day, anyone can find joy in the small things.

Merry Fishmas,

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thank You

"I am not important. My life is boring."

"You are a leaf. You may be only one, but you are an important piece of the tree. One leaf, added to another leaf and so on and so forth, creates the whole covering on the tree."

"I am still small. The tree doesn't need all of its leaves."

"Maybe not... Instead of seeing it from your perspective, picture you are the tree. You must watch over and protect your little leaves. You must also protect yourself. Protect yourself from wind, and lightning, and humans. But it is still worth it. As a leaf you are nurtured by the tree, even though it is taken for granted, because you cannot see the intricate details behind it."

"I guess you're right, but, tell me, how do you know all this?"

"Because I am the tree, and I love you."

This is a short story I wrote this morning. It is about how much every single person makes up the world. Every little detail we cannot see. This poem is dedicated to all of the people who read this blog and to all of the people who feel unimportant. It is also dedicated to Rumi, my friend.

Hello Everyone.
I have received so many amazing comments from some truly amazing readers. Some of you are my teachers, some of you are my friends, and some of you are people that I should be friends with.
I have been told over the past few months that I should reply to your comments and say "Thank You". That is a very small, yet important thing. But I am always doing things in my own small way. So today, I am saying "Thank You" on a larger scale. I want to thank all of you at once, all in one blog post.