Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ode to Allie

Dear Allie,

This is for you, kitty. I still remember when my grandma was in a doctor's office on Easter and my mom and I bought a little pink easter basket. We drove up to a house after seeing a billboard advertising "Free Kittens". You were the little calico kitten we picked up and put in our car.

We set newspapers down for you to use the restroom but you only wanted to play with them and snuggle with me.
It was Easter day when we went to visit my grandmother in the doctor's office. We handed you the pink basket and you came out of it with little pieces of Easter basket stuffing on your head.

Every time I visited my grandparents you were there. You loved attention and my grandparents loved you as much as they could. I loved to brush you in the sunroom and I could tell you loved it too.

I still remember when you sucked on the little ribbon on my grandma's pajamas. I remember when I had to spray you with a hose to keep you from killing an innocent bird.

And then I left that last time. You started to breathe weirdly one day. And then you were lying in the driveway barely breathing. My grandparents drove you in the car to the vet. Then you bit my grandpa. Were you in pain or did you not want to get better? I guess i'll never know.

Then you left.

You were one of the most amazing cats I ever saw. You always made me happy. I hope you are happy right now.

I miss you Allie. I love you, little kitty.

Goodbye, Alexandra.


  1. This is very sweet, yet emotional and I can really see a little calico kitten running around and snuggling with everyone. <3

  2. Oh that is very sad and emotional. Nice Ahna!

  3. Oh that is very sad and emotional. Nice Ahna!

  4. I love this. Evocative language!