Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I found it hard to believe that snowflakes are all unique. I ponder the thought that maybe each one has a different personality or trait. They could be like the Emoto Water Crystal study. What if every snowflake has a special word to go along with it. What if its pattern depended on how many times someone consumed it as water. I mean, think about it, you are drinking the same water as the dinosaurs. Anyway, I wrote a poem (sort of) about winter.

The wind is blowing,
the snow is dancing,
the trees are singing,
the animals are sleeping.

The world is cold and Winter's here,
the cocoa mugs are held close,
the window panes are all fogged up,
the snow is flying through the air.

The fire is lit,
the doors are closed,
the people huddled,
unique like snowflakes,
all of them.


  1. That's amazing. I seriously don't know what to say. It paints a really pretty picture.

  2. I love of how the words just kind of flow together